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Simple Ways to Increase the Visibility of Your LinkedIn Profile

Are you not pleased with the number of views your profile receives and not getting messages from recruiters? Well, don’t doubt your competency and professional background yet. Put some efforts to your profile and keep going to pursue endless career opportunities on LinkedIn by being more visible with these few simple tricks.

Be Aware of Public Profile Settings

It is wise to display your relevant information to others such as past experiences, summary, and skills, especially you are actively seeking new career opportunities on the platform. People tend to reveal detailed information for their connections, but it pays off better career wise if you display information publicly because recruiters do not scan your profile further when there is not much to scan. Check your settings now by clicking on Privacy and Settings and then click Edit Your Public Profile section.

Endorse People For Their Skills

When you endorse someone, the other person gets an automatic notification and tend to endorse you back. By getting enough endorsements for specific skills on LinkedIn, enables you to become more visible to recruiters if they search people with that respective skills. It is a win-win situation, don’t be shy to endorse people!

Write A Professional Summary

A professional summary is more important than you think because it is the very first thing people see when they click on your profile. Make it easy to read and summarize your expertise and competence by strategically standing out the keywords regarding your field of work. Also, filling this section increase the visibility of your profile considerably according to LinkedIn. You don’t believe me? Go on and see it yourself after completing your summary.

Edit Your URL to Your Name

When you sign up on the platform, LinkedIn gives you an URL with plenty of random numbers and characters and it stays like that unless you edit it. By clicking Edit Profile and then, Public Profile URL section, you can assign your name to your URL and eventually improve your personal and digital brand in the process. It may seem like a small detail but really helps your profile to stand out when they search your name online.

There is much more to discover on LinkedIn! Keep following us for more information to help your career goals!

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